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Have home prices bottomed out?

29 June 2018
Bram Sandow

The most recent real estate boom is done, over, finito - say good bye to double digit growth and investing in ANY property today and selling for a windfall in a year or two's time. How can I be certain, or better stated; what leads me to this conclusion? Simple - mortgages.

Home Selling Myths That Sellers Need To STOP Believing

28 June 2018
Bram Sandow

For some reason or another these myths have gained traction and many sellers believe them to be true. Why?

The Sky is falling!

14 June 2017
Bram Sandow

If you’ve been reading newspaper articles about the real estate market you’ve likely arrived at either a state of utter confusion due to conflicting accounts of what’s happening, or you may believe that the ‘bubble’ has burst and the market is crashing… let’s take a deep breath and examine this further.