Why Bram - Bram Sandow
Bram Sandow

As you're already aware there are literally thousands of Realtors working in the GTA, so why should you choose me?

Just like any proffession there are those who excel, those who are competent and there are also those who might do better in a different field. Whether you're buying or selling I provide an experience and level of profesionalism commensurate with the task at hand.

I never lose sight of the fact that buying and selling real estate is a really big deal, it's not only likely to be the largest financial transaction you make, it's also your home. It's important to have a high level of communication and confidence in the Realtor you choose to not only get you top dollar when selling and the best property at the lowest price when buying, but to always represent your interests from start to finish.

Each client receives the following:

Nothing short of 100% honesty, and 100% loyalty to YOUR interests. It is my belief that open, honest communication is key to our success. I am not shy to point out flaws in properties, both those we're looking to purchase as well as the ones we're listing for sale. I am very analytical when comparing properties and tell it like it is. I would never push or pressure a client, instead I look for ways to deliver value by working through decisions together. I want help you weigh the pros and cons and provide professional insight to help you come to your own conclusions. In short, I am dedicated to working for you and YOUR interets.

Each listing receives the following:


Each client receives an In-Home staging consultation with a professional home stager and organizer. This consultation includes a walk-through for occupied properties including recommendations on how to de-clutter, depersonalize, address repairs, paint colours, furniture layout etc. A full written report with checklist is provided on the spot.

This is important as a properly staged home will spend less time on the market and often sell for more money that a home that has not been staged.

Professional Photos

Photography is an art and photos taken by a professional with professional equipment will capture the uniquness of your home 1000x better than our smartphones will. Stunning profesional photos are an essential part of marketing your home.

Professional Video

Video is an incredibly helpful tool to both showcase your home as well as stir emotion in potential buyers. True HD video (not photo slide shows) present your home in a unique light and allow viewers to imagine themselves living and interacting with the space.

Custom Website

Want a virtual tour? How about an entire website dedicated to your home? You will receive a gorgouse website loaded with photos, video, property information, walk score and more that looks just as beautiful on a mobile device as it does on a computer.

Feature Booklets

High quality, full page photo booklets are custom made as a take away for potential buyers as it is common for home seekers to visit up to 10 different homes per outing! It can be challenging when viewing so many properties to remember which homes offered which features. Photo booklets highlight every aspect of your home by not being constrained to a set number of photos or pages.

E-Mail & Social Media Campaign

Your home will be advertised directly to thousands of Realtors and potential buyers via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and e-mail blasts. Every effort will be made to reach as wide an audience as possible to solicit as many offers as possible for your home.


It's important to have a lawn sign to both advertise the sale of your home as well as to assist people in finding your home. Even more important is to have an eye catching sign that is easily legible both day and night! A bright, reflective sign will be placed on your lawn. For open houses an abundance of large directional signs will be placed at key locations to make finding your home as simple as possible for potential buyers.

A bit about moi

I am the father of an incredible little boy, and husband to my wonderful wife. In the past I worked as a computer forensic investigator at Deloitte where I worked on both mundane as well as intriguing engagments that required a dedication to confidentiality as well as the utmost proffessionalism.

I'm an avid Raptor fan, I play basketball (poorly) most weeks and still play video games when I have some time. I'm a bit of a hiphop aficionado, and have somewhat recently discovered a fondness of EDM - you can follow me on Soundcloud.